Simple Circuit Trains Modification Tutorial


1: Here you selected a Line.

2: Here you see the current Line Signal or change it as you wish.

3: Here you open the Part of the GUI, where you add a new Line.

4: Here you can delete the current Line selected.

5: Here you add a new Line, when a Train with a Schedule is selected! When Rich Text Helper is installed, the Line Name can be added from there too. Supports Rich Text.

6: When a Line is selected, you can see on the left side all the Stations(Station Names) inside the current Line.

7: When a line is selected, you can see on the right side all the Signal for the Stations on the left side. Can be changed.

How it works.

1. You create Lines.

2. You give the Lines and Stations Signals.

3. On the Red Wire you send the Line Signal, on the Green Wire the Station Signal.

4. When now a Train leaves a Station, it looks at the Signals on both Wires, if they match a Line and a Station inside the Line, it will change its Schedule to the Line and the destination will be the selected Station!


When now this Train leaves this Station, is next destination will be the Station "Empty Load 01".

This is, because we have set inside the GUI a Line(Schedule) with the Station "Empty Load 01" to Signal Z( Red Wire) and the Station inside the Line to Signal 0(Green Wire).

Look in the first Image.

Last updated 18.09.19

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